At Family Therapy Center we treat couples, families and have individual counseling for all ages. 

We know that you want to feel better—to learn how to manage your personal challenges. You want someone to talk to. But to help you feel better and make lasting progress, you need the right therapist. We believe you deserve to have the best fit the first time. (A good fit for you means you’ll get better results.) That’s why we use a unique process to match you with a therapist who specializes in the challenges you’re facing. Because of this, 90% of our clients are satisfied with their therapist.  You deserve the same.

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Although taking the first step can feel daunting, it’s worth it. 

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Access our scheduling system. It takes into account your concerns, preferred location and insurance, and shows you available providers.

You’ll get an appointment with a therapist who specializes in your challenges within 48 hours. Because of this unique process, 90% of our clients are happy with their therapist, which means they are far more likely to feel better and make progress. You deserve a better life. Book your appointment today.

In Network with your insurance

We understand how important it is that your visits are able to be proccessed through your insurance provider. For that reason we are in network with most managed care plans as well as medicaid and medicare.

A few of our in network insurances are: 

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